Friday, May 17, 2013

Basics of NetApp Cluster-mode Shells

Similar to 7-mode we have three administrative privilage levels: admin, advanced and diagnostic. Clustered ONTAP system can be managed either from CLI or GUI (system manager or element manager). There are three different shells available with different scopes: Clustershell, nodeshell, systemshell

Step:1 Access through CLI

-SSH is default method
-One can access clustershell using cluster management LIF (recommended) or the node management LIFs
-Scope: entire cluster

LIFs Management: 'net int show' with display the output of available cluster management and node management LIFs along with their IP's, current node, current port and status

-Access nodeshell within the clustershell
-Scope: limited to one node at a time
-Command to access nodeshell is:

system node run

-Access systemshell from within the clustershell
-This is to access BSD shell
-Scope: single node at a time
-To access systemshell:
a. security login unlock -username diag
b. system node systemshell
c. Login as "diag"

Step:2 Access through GUI

-Start the system manager client using the IP address of the cluster management LIF
-This is well known interface to all the existing 7-mode administrators and I don't think more explanation is needed here
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