Saturday, May 18, 2013

NetApp Cluster-mode aggregate creation

a. Create a new aggregate with name node1_aggr1 on node1
b. Add disks to the aggregate

Step:1 View the available aggregates

storage aggr show

Step:2 View the avaialable disks

storage disk show

Notice the disks that belongs to aggregates and the spare disks that are available to create additional aggregates

Step:3 Create an aggregate

storage aggr create -aggr node1_aggr1 -node node1 -diskcount 6

Step:4 Verify

stor aggr show

Step:5 Detail view of the new aggregate

stor aggr show -aggr node1_aggr1

Step:6 (b) Add disks to the aggregate

aggr add-disks -aggr node1_aggr1 -diskcount 10

Step:7 Verify the number of disks

aggr show -aggr node1_aggr1 -instance


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