Friday, May 24, 2013

Celerra to VNX CIFS migration

Scenario: Migrate CIFS shares on Celerra to VNX

Tool: After experimenting with 4 different tools I recommend using Celerra Replicator as the best tool for this requirement

License: Get the free 180 day trial license for celerra replicator V2

Click here to learn about VDM

Step:1 Install temporary license

nas_license -create replicatorv2

Step:2 Setup communication


nas_cel -create remote_cel -ip -passphrase nasadmin

IP: IP address of remote control station in slot 0


nas_cel -create source_cel -ip -passphrase nasadmin

IP: IP address of source control station in slot 0


nas_cel -list

Step:3 Verify if all interfaces are able to communicate

server_ping server_2 -interface source_cel1

Repeat on all interfaces

Step:4 Setup interconnect between source server2 and destination server3


nas_cel -interconnect -create soure_cel1_s2s3 -source_server server_2
-destination_system remote_cel -destination_server server_3 -source_interfaces
ip=,ip=,ip= -destination_interfaces
ip=,ip=, ip= -bandwidth

Note: If no bandwidth schedule is specified, all available bandwidth is used at all times.


nas_cel -interconnect -create remote_cel1_s3s2 -source_server server_3
-destination_system source_cel -destination_server server_2 -source_interfaces
ip=,ip=, ip= -destination_interfaces
ip=,ip=,ip= -bandwidth MoTuWeTh08:00-17:00/3000


nas_cel -interconnect -list
nas_cel -interconnect -validate id=30005

Step:5 Create a VDM replication session

nas_replicate -create rep_vdm1 -source -vdm vdm1 -destination -vdm dst_vdm -interconnect soure_cel1_s2s3 -max_time_out_of_sync 10

Note: If you specify a pool instead of an existing destination VDM, the pool is used to create the destination VDM automatically as read-only and uses the same name and size as the source VDM.


nas_replicate -list

Step:6 Replicate the file system mounted to the VDM

nas_replicate -create vdm_v2 -source -fs src_fs_vdm -destination -pool id=3 -vdm
Vdm_2 -interconnect soure_cel1_s2s3

Note: Use the -vdm option used to indicate that the file system will be mounted on a VDM.


nas_replicate -info vdm_v2

Look for last synchronization time

Step:7 Change the source file system to "read only"

Plan the cutover time to let users start using file system on new VNX; this is disruptive operation and should not perform until you are ready for brief outage associated with switchover period

1. quiesce or shutdown application that is using this file system
2. unmap the file system, change the properties to "read only" (better do it in unisphere)

Step:8 Create server interface on VNX

Failover from celerra to VNX by creating interface with same name as the source celerra server. If you are not sure of the name of source interface try executing the switchover from unisphere under "Replcias"


nas_replicate –switchover src_fs_vdm

After executing this command it will print a task id on the screen, please make a note of it.

Note: This command stops replication, mounts the source object as read-only, and marks the destination object as read-write sot that it can act as the new source object

Step:9 Check switch over status

nas_task -info 4211
nas_task -info all

Step:10 Verify file systems are available by testing from hosts

Step:11 Clean up replication sessions

nas_replicate –delete src_fs_vdm

Step:12 On VNX, back up file system data


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