Saturday, May 11, 2013

FAST VP Implementation


There are 12 data devices:

Devices 1A1,1A2,1A3,1A4 are in disk group 1 and are RAID 1 protected
Devices 1A5,1A6,1A7,1A8 are in disk group 2 and are RAID 5 protected
Devices 1A9,1AA,1AB,1AC are in disk group 3 and are RAID 6 protected

Enable FAST VP controller: symfast -sid 1234 enable -vp

Step: 1 View FAST license, optimizer window settings, status of optimizer and FAST

symlmf list -type emclm -sid 1234
symoptmz -sid 1234 show -parms
symoptmz -sid 1234 query
symfast list -state -sid 1234

If Optimizer is enabled with the default time windows, it runs in Degradedmode because it will not be able to execute any swaps automatically.

Step: 2 List available thins pools

symcfg list -pool -thin

Step: 3 Create Tiers

symtier -sid 1234 create -name RAID1_EFD -tgt_raid1 -tech EFD -thin -pool VP0_EFD

symtier -sid 1234 create -name RAID5_FC -tgt_raid1 -tgt_prot 3+1 -tech FC -thin -pool vp1_fc

symtier -sid 1234 create -name RAID6_SATA -tgt_raid6 -tgt_prot 6+2 -tech SATA -thin -pool vp2_sata

List newly created tiers.

symtier list -thin -sid 1234

Step: 4 Create and view Policy

Total usage limits to be 300% for 3 tiers.

symfast -sid 1234 -fp create -name EFD_FC_SATA_vp -tier_name RAID1_EFD -max_sg_percent 10
symfast -sid 1234 -fp -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA_vp add -tier_name RAID1_FC -max_sg_percent 50
symfast -sid 1234 -fp -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA_vp add -tier_name RAID6_SATA -max_sg_percent 100

View the newly created policy

symfast show -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA_vp -sid 1234

Step: 5 Associate storage group with FAST policy and view it

One or more storage groups can be associated with a FAST policy with priorities 1(high), 2(medium) or 3(low)

symfast -sid 1234 -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA_vp associate -sg fastgroup -priority 1
symfast show -association -sg fastgroup

Step:6 You can now view the history, audits at later point in time with the commands that were mentioned below!

View auto movement history of storage group

symfast list -history -sid 1234 -start_date 01312012:180000

View FAST history in Symmetrix audit log

symaudit list -sid 1234 -function_class FAST -start 03/01/2011:6:00:00
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