Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cisco zoning simplified!

To zone 'host' and 'vmax_3ab(existing member)'
vsan: 10
Zoneset name: zoneset1

Connect host to switch, if not choose a available 'F' port on switch and turn it on

show interface brief

Select a interface that is in VSAN1 with admin mode F and turn it on, say fc1/1 for example

configure terminal
interface fc1/1
no shutdown

Check to see if 'flogi' is successful and get the port name (WWN) from it

show flogi database

Sample output

switch# show flogi database

INTERFACE        VSAN    FCID           PORT NAME               NODE NAME
fc1/1            10    0x2800af  10:00:00:00:d9:81:4f:ba 20:00:00:00:d9:81:4f:ba

Step: 1 Add interface to the target VSAN
vsan database
vsan 10 interface fc1/1

Step: 2 Create fcalias
fcalias name host vsan 10
member pwwn 10:00:00:00:d9:81:4f:ba

Step: 3 Create Zone
Assuming we are zoning to a existing member, say 'vmax_3ab' for example

zone name zn_host_vmzx_3ab vsan 10
member fcalias host
member fcalias vmax_3ab

Step: 4 Add zone to zoneset
zoneset name zoneset1 vsan 10
member zn_host_vmzx_3ab

Step: 5 Activate zoneset
zoneset activate name zoneset1 vsan 10

Step: 6 Commit
zone commit vsan 10

Step: 7 Copy running config to start-up config
copy run start

Step: 8 Verification
show zone name zn_host_vmzx_3ab

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