Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vserver and Flex Vol creation - NetApp Cluster-mode

a. Create a cluster virtual server (Vserver)
b. Create a flex vol

Step:1 View the available Vservers in the cluster

vserver show

"node" Vservers are the scope where vol0 volumes exist and the node management LIFs and cluster LIFs of each node. The "admin" Vserveris the scope in which the cluster management LIF exists

Step:2 Create a Vserver with name vs2

vserver create -vserver vs2 -rootvolume vs2root -aggr node1_aggr1 -ns-switch file -rootvolume-security-style unix

With the above command we are creating a Vserver vs2 along with a root volume 'vs2root'. vs2root is th root volume (root of this namespace)  of this Vserver.

Note: Vservers are independent of physical nodes and so  even though'vs2' resides on 'node1' it does not essential mean it is assigned to node 'node1'

Step:3 Verify

vserver show

Step:4 View summary of the Vserver just created

vserver show -vserver vs2

Step:5 View list of volumes

volume show

Note: The Vserver root volume that was just created appears

Step:6 View default volume size

With the 'vserver create' command we cannot specify the volume size, there by this value is defaulted; however, the size can be changed with 'volume modify' command.

Step:7 View all the attributes of the volume just created

volume show -vserver vs2 -volume vs2root

Note: The slash (/) signifies that this is the root volume of this namespace.

Step:8 (b) Create a flex vol

volume create -vserver vs2 -volume volume2 -aggr node1_aggr1 -junction-path /vol2

Step:9 Verify

vol show

Step:10 View summary of the new volume

vol show -vserver vs2 -volume volume2


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