Saturday, May 11, 2013

Celerra MPFS allocation simplified!

Step:1 Start MPFS service

server_setup server_2 -P mpfs -option start=32

Step:2 Perform a nas_disk -list to find the symmetrix volumes allocated to the celerra

Step:2.a Perform configuration change on symmetrix to map additional storage to FA directors 06a,A and 11a,A that will be used by Celerra.

map dev 1C50 to dir 06A:0, target=0, lun=10, emulation=CELERRA_FBA;
map dev 1C50 to dir 11A:0, target=0, lun=10, emulation=CELERRA_FBA;

Step:3 On the data mover, scan for new devices and list these devices.

server_devconfig server_2 –c –s –a
server_devconfig server_2 –p –s –a
nas_disk –list

Step:4 Create a new volume with a 256K stripe per EMC's recommendations

nas_volume -name mpfsvol -create -Stripe 262144 d54,d55,d56,d57,d58,d59,d60,d61

Step:5 Create a new metalvolume for the new volume:

nas_volume -name mpfsmtvol -create -Meta mpfsvol

Step:6 Create a new file system on this metavolume

nas_fs -name mpfs -create mpfsmtvol

Step:7 Create a new mountpoint

server_mountpoint server_2 -create /mpfs

Step:8 Mount file system

server_mount server_2 -option nolock,accesspolicy=NATIVE mpfs /mpfs

Step:9 Create new mountpoint for testing

server_mountpoint server_2 -create /mpfs/test

Step:10 Create CIFS share for this work

server_export server_2 -P cifs -n test$ -o netbios=server1 -comment 'MPFS CIFS Share for test' /mpfs/test

Step:11 Validate

server_mpfs server_2 -mountstatus | grep -i mpfs
server_df server_2 /mpfs
server_mpfs server_2
nas_volume -info mpfsmtvol

Step:13 Make sure system administrators are having MPFS client software installed!

Step:12  Verify stats if data is going through fiber channel interface or via CIFS

mpfsctl stats

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