Saturday, May 11, 2013

FAST(DP) Implementation

My assumption is VMAX has disk groups, FAST control parameters, time window settings were preconfigured by enabling FAST controller if not do it so as follows:

symfast -sid 1234 enable -dp

Step: 1 View FAST license, optimizer window settings, status of optimizer and FAST

symlmf list -type emclm -sid 1234
symoptmz -sid 1234 show -parms
symoptmz -sid 1234 query
symfast list -state -sid 1234

Step: 2 View Disk Groups summary

symdisk list -dskgrp_summary

Step: 3 Create Tiers [static or dynamic]

symtier -sid 1234 create -name RAID1_EFD -tgt_raid1 -technology EFD -inc_type static -dsk_grp 1

symtier -sid 1234 create -name RAID1_FC -tgt_raid1 -technology FC -inc_type static -dsk_grp 2

symtier -sid 1234 create -name RAID6_SATA -tgt_raid6 -tgt_prot 6+2 -technology SATA -inc_type static -dsk_grp 3

List newly created tiers.

symtier list -sid 1234 -v

Step: 4 Create and view Policy

Total usage limits to be 300% for 3 tiers.

symfast -sid 1234 -fp create -name EFD_FC_SATA -tier_name RAID1_EFD -max_sg_percent 100
symfast -sid 1234 -fp -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA add -tier_name RAID1_FC -max_sg_percent 100
symfast -sid 1234 -fp -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA add -tier_name RAID6_SATA -max_sg_percent 100

View the newly created policy

symfast show -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA -sid 1234

Step: 5 Create and view Storage Group

A symmetrix device may only belong to one storage group under FAST control.

symsg create fastgroup -sid 1234
symsg -sg fastgroup add all devs -range A1:A7 -sid 1234
symsg show fastgroup -sid 1234

Step: 6 Associate storage group with FAST policy and view it

One or more storage groups can be associated with a FAST policy with priorities 1(high), 2(medium) or 3(low)

symfast -sid 1234 -fp_name EFD_FC_SATA associate -sg fastgroup -priority 1
symfast show -association -sg fastgroup

Step: 7 You can now view the history, audits at later point in time with the commands that were mentioned below!

View auto movement history of storage group

symfast list -history -sid 1234 -start_date 01312012:180000

View FAST history in Symmetrix audit log

symaudit list -sid 1234 -function_class FAST -start 03/01/2011:6:00:00

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