Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How a qtree be accessed by both Unix and Windows - NetApp

Caution: I don't recommend using mixed mode for different reasons. Use UNIX style!

Step:1 Create a Unix qtree on the filer and export it for Unix clients
filer> qtree create /vol/vol0/share
filer> exportfs -o root=<unix_server> /vol/vol0/share

Step:2 From the Unix server mount the filer's share
unix> mount filer:/vol/vol0/share /share

Step:3 On the filer share the resource for Windows users
filer> cifs shares -add share /vol/vol3/share

Step:4 From the Windows computer map the filer's resource
Right-click on My Computer > Map the network drive > enter the filer's name\share

Step:5 On the filer edit /etc/usermap.cfg and add the following entries for each user:
win_domain\userA => unix_userA

When a Windows userA tries to access the file on the filer's share, the filer as per the entry in /etc/usermap.cfg forwards the request to the unix, and the unix userA permissions are assigned to the windows userA. So all you need to do is, assign the proper permission to unix userA which in turn is applied to the respective Windows user.

filer> wrfile /etc/usermap.cfg
"hippo data" == hippo

The Windows name hippo data maps to the UNIX name hippo and vice versa.
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