Saturday, May 11, 2013

Move NetApp root volume - oh boy its disruptive!

Move root volume(/vol/vol0 or /vol/root) from one aggregate to another.

Step:1  Create a new aggregate to contain only the root (vol0) volume. If the new aggregate already exists, then continue to step two.

aggr create aggr0 -B 64 –t raid4 2

#creates aggregate aggr0 of 64 bit  with raid4 using 2 spare disks

Step:2 Rename existing vol0 to vol0old

vol rename vol0 vol0old

#this is completely online operation

Step:3 Determine the size of vol0old and create a similarly sized volume in aggr0

vol size vol0old
vol create vol0 aggr0 <size_of_vol0old>

Step:4 Copy configuration data from /vol/vol0old/etc to /vol/vol0/etc using ndmp via the ndmpcopy command. Usually this requires that we start the ndmpd daemon.

ndmpd on
ndmpcopy /vol/vol0old/etc /vol/vol0/etc

Step:5 Before we reboot filer to make the changes effective, we must add the root option to the volume and also disable cluster takeover

vol options vol0 root
cf disable

Step:6 Once the filer has rebooted (and you should be watching this via the console / bmc / rlm / sp connection), offline and destroy the vol0old volume as well as re-enable cluster takeover.  In addition if this is the last volume in the aggregate, proceed to offline and destroy the old aggregate (in this example, we will call this “aggr1”).

vol offline vol0old
vol destroy vol0old
cf enable
aggr offline aggr1
aggr destroy aggr1
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