Saturday, May 18, 2013

Run SPcollects on Clariion - Basics

SPcollects contain detailed log and configuration data for a CLARiiON Storage Processor.  These are used by EMC Support to diagnose faults and configuration problems.  Gathering these files when creating a Service Request is highly recommended to troubleshoot a problem.  SPcollects should also be retrieved when gathering data for a performance analysis, along with NAR files.

An SPcollect has the filename format of:

Serial Number _ SP A/B _ Year_Month_Day _ Time _ signature

A file that ends with runlog.txt, indicates that an SPcollect is still running and this will disappear once the SPcollect file completes.

Navisphere CLI:
Step:1 Open a command prompt on the Management Station.

Windows: cd c:\program files\emc\navisphere cli

Unix: export PATH=$PATH:/opt/Navisphere/bin

Step:2 Run SP collect

naviseccli -h <SP_IP_address> spcollect                        

This starts the SPcollect script.

Wait at least 10 minutes for the SPcollects to run, before attempting to retrieve them.

Step: 3 Verify

naviseccli -h <SP_IP_address> managefiles -list                

This will list the files created by SPcollect.

Step:4 Copy the files to management station

naviseccli -h <SP_IP_address> managefiles -retrieve      

This will display the files that can be moved from the SP to the Management Station.

Enter files to be retrieved with index separated by comma OR by a range OR enter 'all' to retrieve all file OR 'quit' to quit

Step:5 Upload to EMC support

Windows: Very intuitive

Unix: Use Winscp to copy from management station to local work station and upload to EMC suppport

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