Saturday, May 11, 2013

VMAX traditional storage allocation

Storage Group name = SG
Port Group name = PG
Initiator Group name = IG
Masking View name = MV

Step: 1 Device Creation
Creation of RAID-6 device with 14+2 RAID protection

create dev count=8, size=1100, config=RAID-6, emulation=FBA, data_member_count=14;

Place this in a command file "device" and use the following syntax to commit

symconfigure -sid 1234 -file device commit

Example: Creation of RAID-1 device with dynamic RDF capability in disk group 1:

create dev count=8, size=1100, config=2-way-mir, emulation=FBA, disk_group=1, dynamic_capability=dyn_rdf;

Step: 1.a Metadevice Creation

Metadevice can be formed by traditional method or automatic

Traditional Metadevice creation

form meta from dev 1A1, config=concatenated; add dev 1A2 to meta 1A1;

Enable automatic Metadevice creation

set symmetrix auto_meta=ENABLE, min_auto_meta_size=35520, auto_meta_member_size=14380, auto_meta_config=concatenated;

Step: 2 Storage Group Creation

Can be done using "symaccess" or by "symsg" command

symaccess create -sid 1234 -name SG -type storage devs 1A1:1A5

Step: 3 Port Group Creation

Can contain any number of front end ports, I typically do 4

symaccess create -sid 1234 -name PG -type port -dirport 2F:0,3F:1,12E:0,13F:1

Step: 4 Initiator Group Creation

Can use WWN or iSCSI

symaccess create -sid 1234 -name IG -type initiator -file WWN

Create a file with name "WWN" with WWN's

Step: 5 Masking View Creation [IG+ PG + SG]

symaccess create view -sid 1234 -name MV -sg SG -pg PG -ig IG

The above command lets the SYMPAPI check SFS and assigns next available LUN address dynamically.

If needed to allocate a LUN address of our choice say "0" for example use the following command:

symaccess create view -sid 1234 -name MV -sg SG -pg PG -ig IG -lun 0

Step: 6 Set required Flags

Depending upon the host OS refer to EMC docs and set as below

To set flags at HBA level:

symaccess -sid 1234 -wwn 20030a00016778a1 set hba_flags on C,OS2007,SC3

To set flags IG level:

symaccess -sid 1234 -name IG tupe initiator set ig_flags on C,OS2007,SC3

To enable flags globally on FA 1E port 0 via symconfigure, create a text file as shown below
set port 1E:0 Common_Serial_Number=enable, SCSI_3=enable, SPC2_Protocol_Version=enable, SCSI_Support1=enable;

Step: 7 View the above created groups using list or show commands

symaccess list view -sid 1234
symaccess list -type port -sid 1234 -detail
symaccess show SG -type storage -sid 1234
symaccess show IG -type initiator -sid 1234

Step: 8 View Flags

symcfg list -fa 1E -p 0 -sid 1234 -v
symcfg list -sid 1234 -v -dir all
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