Saturday, May 11, 2013

Zoning new host to EMC storage on CISCO MDS

Beginners post!

Before you begin:
1. Use EMC host grab utility ( to ensure that the host meets the required standards.

2. Run to data center to do some cabling work by proper labeling. For better performance, try to minimize the number of ISL’s (Inter Switch Links) between the host initiator (HBA) and the storage target (FA or SP port).


Given the production host name is 'linux_server1' to be zoned to a VMAX 'vmax000'

Step: 1 ssh to the respective switches

Step: 2 List the interfaces, vsans, flogi database

switch1> show interface brief

#select a 'F' port that is available, you need to make sure the gbic is not heavily utilized

switch1> show vsan

#select proper vsan from the available prod, dev, etc..

switch1> show flogi database

#confirm you see the new host logged into the switch at the respective port you have connected

Step: 3 Start confguring on MDF1

#I have chosen vsan 10, interface fc1/1, pwwn 10:00:00:00:a9:49:6f:50 (get this from flogi output) connect to vmax000 front end '1aB'

switch1> configure terminal
switch1> vsan database
switch1> vsan 10 interface fc1/1
switch1> exit
switch1> interface fc1/1
switch1> switchport description LINUX_SERVER1_PRI
switch1> exit
switch1> fcalias name LINUX_SERVER1_PRI vsan 10
switch1> member pwwn 10:00:00:00:a9:49:6f:50
switch1> exit
switch1> zone name SERVER1_VMAX0000_1aB vsan 10
switch1> member fcalias LINUX_SERVER1_PRI
switch1> member fcalias VMAX0000_1aB
switch1> exit
switch1> zoneset name MDF1 vsan 10
switch1> member SERVER1_VMAX0000_1aB
switch1> exit
switch1> zoneset activate name MDF1 vsan 10
switch1> zone commit vsan 10
switch1> end
switch1> copy running-config startup-config

Step: 4 Repeat the step 3 on the redundant fabric 'MDF2'
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